Mc Coy double flower pots with vertical
and horizontal layered ribbing as a
design element. , 1953. 9 1/4" wide X 4"


Inventory No. C118
Large solid mahogany six
drawer chest of drawers 19th

Dimensions: 44" wide X 20"
deep         X 57" high.

                $ 950.00

Inventory No. C103
Watercolor of Japanese woman with
signature to her right in native

Dimensions: 16" wide X 31 1/2 High


Inventory No. C38
Large oak framed , beveled
glass mirror with gold painted  
trim. Circa 1890`s. Perfect for
over a fireplace mantle and is
wired for that type of
placement .Could easily be
mounted vertically by changing
wire mount.

Dimensions: 52" wide X 29" high.

Inventory No. C19
Model of sailboat constructed entirely
of wood including the sails.In  excellent
condition with all rigging tight and
mounted on a wood platform
surrounded by a chain fence.

Dimensions : 24" from bow to stern
and 33" high from keel to top of mast.


Inventory No. C205
Watercolor of morning glories
beautifully presented in a
professionally constructed gold frame.

Dimensions :16 1/2" wide X 25 1/2"


Inventory No. C40
Dramatic depiction of a soaring
seagull....oil on canvas/board. Custom
made wood frame with carved anchor
motif on each corner. Unsigned.

Dimensions: 28" wide X 32 1/8" high.
Sight 18 " wide X 23 1/8"high.


Inventory No. 1240
Stunning mid century modern urn.
Floral design of a 12 " long calla lily
follows swirling shape of the potter`s
creative  skills.

Dimensions: 16 " high X 12" wide.


Inventory No. 10302