Very early comb back Windsor rocker
with three arrow head spindles on the
back .. Additional  arrowhead spindles
are on each side supporting the arms.
This is an unusual application of the
arrowhead design . Original finish...the
comb is a replacement added several
years ago. Plank seat of unusual

                $ 350.00

Inventory No. 1063 - Photo No. 0538
Dramatic Federal Period , 1830, mahogany  secretary in two pieces. Original finish , pulls and glass. Top is
crowned by large  decorative molding and there are three shelves inside behind poured plate glass panes
complete with bubbles and swirls. Two small drawers complete the top unit. The base of this impressive
showpiece features three large drawers, turned side columns and ball feet. Drop front desk rests on two built in
pull out supports when deployed.

Dimensions: 49 1/2" wide at top molding x 87" high x 221/2" deep.


Inventory No. 10,154 - Photo No.1728-3 &1721-2
" Grand Banks" whale boat model in
minute detail. .

Dimensions : 15 " long X 16" high


Inventory No. C204
Pair of Asian benches .Dimensions : 45 1/2" long X 13 3/8" deep X
19" high.

                   $ 295.00 each or $ 500.00 for the pair.

Inventory No.`s C53, C 54