19th century Chinese porcelain
Mandarin bowl with an adjustable silver
plate stand. A dramatic colorful
centerpiece that will enhance the
appearance of whatever piece it is
placed upon.

Dimensions : Bowl only 10 3/4 " in  
diameter X 7 1/2 " high. The height of
the stand ( not adjustable ) is 1 3/4"
high and the supports can be slid in or

$ 450.00

Inventory No. 1233 - Photo No. 0810
Pair of matching  mahogany chairs
featuring carved "North Wind" face on
back rest.


Inventory No. CR Photo No. 1629
Sheraton one drawer stand circa 1790
- 1820. Slender tuned legs. Top is a
replacement in exotic, heavily grained
bird`s eye maple.

Dimensions : 20 " wide X 20 1/2 " deep
X 28 " high.

$ 525.00

Inventory No. 10249
Abingdon pottery ( Abingdon ,ILL,
1944 - 1950) Centerpiece, 14" wide X
4" high.

Inventory No. C 119
       Left To Right

Periwinkle blue conical vase 4 " opening X 8 1/2" high
$45.00 Inventory No. C150

U.S.A . vase with mock handles and painted leaves on
base , opening 3 1/2" X 6 " high $35.00  Inventory No

Periwinkle blue conical vase 3" opening X 8 " high
$35.00 Inventory No. C151
DAZEY butter churn Model #40 circa
1920`s, St. Louis, MO.

Dimensions : 9"wide X 6" deep X 14 "


Inventory No. C I
High quality solid mahogany antique commode/wash stand from the 1890`s . This piece was originally designed to hold a
fancy wash bowl and pitcher ( where the silver platter is shown above)  and with three cutouts to hold various toiletries. The
center drawer is a fake ;but the two small drawers are functional . Drawers are finely dovetailed, and the legs are turned
and tapered.

It could be used for its original purpose in a guest room  or transformed into a bar with the addition of a piece of smoked
glass cut to fit the top surface covering the cutouts. Imaginative minds might have more exotic ideas. (silver piece is priced

Dimensions: 39 " wide X 22" deep X 39 " high .


Inventory No.