Landscape of a serene river bend with a town in
the distance . Oil on canvas , unsigned circa 1890`s.

Dimensions : 15 " wide x 12 " high. Sight : 11 3/4 "
wide x 8 5/8 " high.


Inventory No. 66
Hand made 19th century scatter rug ideal for
transformation into a wall hanging. Green colored
elements are in wool yarn and the background is
cotton. Professionally repaired.

Dimensions : 53" long x 33" high.


Inventory No. 0825 - Photo No.0028
1890`s classic "Golden Age" Victorian parlor table with magnificent inlay work in multiple exotic wood and
geometric designs. Base wood is solid mahogany  with inlays of tiger maple, bird`s eye maple, apple, blond and
dark mahogany . A tour de force of decorative woodworking in a  very utilitarian piece. All four legs are heavily
carved with acanthus flower design.

This is a unique example of furniture used in homes of the  historic  Victorian families such as the Vanderbilts,
Carnegies and Rockerfellers.

Dimensions: 63 5/8" long X 38 1/4" wide X 28 1/2" high.


Inventory Number   C31           -    Photograph No`s 1671 & 1677
Designed by an artist for her kitchen and handcrafted in steel by a metalsmith this is a custom made
ceiling rack for pots and pans. Difficult to photograph as it is upside down on a dolly to prevent damage to
its two lobsters? The rack itself is curved to match the shape of a traditional wood lobster trap with a large
lobster in steel mounted on each side of the rack. The flat steel panel running the length of the dolly is the
side that is attached to the ceiling over a kitchen island. A full complement of cast hooks are integral to the
piece on all four sides. Supplemental hooks are included with this unique item.

Dimensions: 58" long X 36" wide and 15" deep (from ceiling to bottom edge of the rack)

Inventory No. CA
Three drawer pine bureau circa 1900
with square cut nails, original vintage
oak threaded pulls (not metal and nut
attaching to pull) Decorative skirt.

Dimensions: 36" wide X 17" deep        
X 29 " high.

              $ 550.00

Inventory No. 10313