Festive Spring themed  Roseville compote
in the " Rozane" pattern produced in 1917.
Roseville and pattern name stamped on
bottom of pedestal base.

Dimensions: 9" wide bowl (opening is 6" in
diameter) x 6 " high.


Inventory No. 1258    -  Photo No.1005  
Painted step back with two shelves,
three drawers and a side compartment
for storage of tall items. Entire piece
has scalloped decorative carving on
top, sides and bottom of the piece. A
very utilitarian piece with excellent
storage space and shelves for display
of mementos , pottery, photographs
etc. Circa 1930`s

Dimensions 6` high X 42 1/2" long
X 21 1/4" deep.


Inventory Number C97
Bench with rose cushion from the 1930`s.
Comfortable and utilitarian piece for any

Dimensions 39 3/4" wide X 38 1/2" high
X 19" deep

                   $ 200.00

Inventory No.C62
Solid maple drop leaf table that is stunning in its "
Mid - Century Modern simplicity. Beautifully made
with tapered legs and double pull out leaf supports
for  each leaf. The table is rock steady thanks to
the natural weight of maple and the integrity of the
design elements wheather leaves are up or down. A
real quality table.

Dimensions: 5` long X 29" high x 47 " wide with
leaves up and 22 34" wide with leaves down. Each
leaf measures 12" wide.


Inventory No. CR 49
Beautifully crafted Asian postal box in mahogany with solid brass hardware. Top opens to expose
compartments for envelopes and single drawer houses space for stationary. Slots on right side
presumably for writing instruments. A unique and handsome addition to your desktop in this digital age.

Dimensions: 12' wide X 10" deep X 13 1/4 " high (closed)

                                                               $ 225.00

Inventory Number C68
Stickley specials featuring two items from L.& G.
Stickley , Inc. 1953.

Oval table signed "Leopold Stickley Original"

Dimensions: 31 1/2"  wide x 24 " deep
X 27 3/4" high.

                    $ 295.00
Inventory Number CR 42

                                                   Windsor arm chair

Dimensions : 27 1/2 " wide X 48 " high
X 21 " deep


Inventory Number CR 56
Four drawer pine bureau circa 1890`s.
Typical example of " Cottage Pine" furniture.
All age issues addressed with repairs to
drawer supports and worn drawer bottoms.
Pin post dovetailing used on these drawers
was introduced in 1847.

Dimensions: 38 1/2" wide X 17 " deep X 35 "

                      $ 625.00

Inventory No. 10304