Festive Spring themed  Roseville compote
in the " Rozane" pattern produced in 1917.
Roseville and pattern name stamped on
bottom of pedestal base.

Dimensions: 9" wide bowl (opening is 6" in
diameter) x 6 " high.


Inventory No. 1258    -  Photo No.1005  
Painted step back with two shelves,
three drawers and a side compartment
for storage of tall items. Entire piece
has scalloped decorative carving on
top, sides and bottom of the piece. A
very utilitarian piece with excellent
storage space and shelves for display
of mementos , pottery, photographs
etc. Circa 1930`s

Dimensions 6` high X 42 1/2" long
X 21 1/4" deep.


Inventory Number C97
Art Nouveau etagere circa 1920`s in
mahogany. Beveled glass mirror
framed by candle stand shelves.
Center section cabinet has a curved
glass door. Three major shelves each
with special design features. A high
class stylistic piece from an era noted
for unique designs in art, furniture,
graphics etc.


Dimensions: 32 " wide X 13 " deep X
51" high.
Large ,steel framed, glass topped
patio table. Very heavy glass top is
1/2" thick X  52" X 44 3/8 ". Hight is 22"


Inventory No. S10 .                 
Federal period secretary circa 1840`s
features six drawers  and a drop front desk
with felt pad. All original pulls. Interior of top
section features two shelves that can be
moved vertically to different levels by means
of built in support slots and wood wedges.

Special note: Previous owner used the
secretary as a dresser by lining  the interior
of the top section with wall paper and
attaching mirrors to the backs of the double
doors. By leaving he doors open the piece is
transformed into a three panel large mirror.

All mirror panels go with the piece. Use it as
a conventional secretary or dresser.

Dimensions: 47" wide X 21 " deep X 71 7/8"


Inventory No. S13.
Orange , blown glass vase with a white
interior. No markings but in beautiful
condition and unusual color.

Dimensions: 11 1/2 " high.


Inventory No: 10336
Art Deco child`s mini chair with two
smiley faces indicative of the same

Knickerbocker Raggey Ann & Andy
dolls from 1946 - 1965  are $ 125.00
the pair.

Inventory No: 10353

Deco mini chair dimensions are 27"
high X 14 1/2" wide. $ 55.00

Inventory No. 10340