Pemaquid Peninsula Perambulations

Midcoast Maine ranks as an area replete with historic sites , astounding ocean and river vistas , rolling lush farmlands , contemporary services for lodging and dining ,  and cultural activities for every taste and interest. The Pemaquid Peninsula thrusts into the North Atlantic Ocean like a spear pointing at Great Britain off to the East. The most direct access to the peninsula is from downtown Damariscotta south on U.S. Route 129/130.

Take 129 to 130 directly to the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse  and museum operated by the town of Bristol . Unmatched views of the ocean on nice days and dramatic vistas of nature`s fury during heavy storms  as wind , towering breakers and either rain or snow or both rip at the shore.

Take Huddle Road off 130 to Colonial Pemaquid State Park where the restoration of a tower of Fort William Henry rests on the original foundation built in 1692. An archeological dig has unearthed the foundations of the homes built on the site  and there is a museum housing artifacts from the area. An ancient cemetery  on the grounds overlooks  gorgeous Pemaquid Harbor, an active fishing port. Seasonal fishermen from England had temporary dwellings on the the harbor shore  dating back to 1610 , several years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth , MA.

If you take route 129 where it slips off to the right from 130 you wind up in Christmas Cove , a complex of beautiful homes , marinas ,  deep pine woods , and the rocky coast. Another very active fishing harbor home to many fishermen who tie their ships up to the piers and moorings near the “Gut ” spanned by the swing bridge and clearly visible from the road.

If examples of old houses are of interest to you the routes south from Damariscotta will give you a panorama of homes dating from the mid 1800`s through the grand summer cottages of those  from Maryland , Virginia, Pennsylvania , New York and Connecticut who populated the area in the late 1890`s.

Two miles from downtown Damariscotta heading south towards Pemaquid Point is our shop on the right hand side of the road . DAMARINE ANTIQUES is in our barn attached to our home  , the Benjamin Day House built in 1754. It is one of the three oldest homes in town all having been built by Nathaniel Chapman , a housewright , originally from Ipswich , MA. We are open year round from 10.00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. daily. A telephone call ahead is advised during Winter months.







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